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The match Belgium – England can oppose eight teammates in Tottenham

The duel between Belgium and England at the World Cup 2018 may oppose eight teammates in the English Tottenham, but in the Belgian team they all want to win the match. The meeting will be played on June 28 at 21:00 in Kaliningrad.

Defenders Jan Fertongen and Toby Aderweilerd will have to do all of Belgium’s defense to stop their friend and teammate at Tottenham Harry Kain.

Belgium has another Spurs player, Musa Dembele, while England has four other players – Danny Rose, Eric Dyer, Keiron Tripier and Deli Ali.

Fertongen said he feels “odd” to play against Cain, but he is sure both teams will show high-level football.
“It will be very strange to play against him, to play against all his teammates, somehow will be fun,” said Jan Fertongen, who is a record number of matches with the national team.
Half of Belgian players play in the Premier League – three in Tottenham and two in Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United.

“We know we can lose and they also know they can lose, so we will not be kidding,” added the Belgian defender.

England captain Harry Kain is the top scorer of the World Cup so far with five hits. Fertongen described him as one of the world’s best strikers, but added that Belgium has defenders who can stop him.

“I am happy that he is performing so well, I hope he will not play this on Thursday,” Fertongen said.