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Sporting (Lisbon) returns Joao Mario

After the transfers of Raja Ningolan and Matteo Politano, to which Lutaro Martinez could add, Inter can only afford players to rent. That’s why Malcom was “kidnapped” by Roma, which is why the transfer of Arturo Vidal has not yet been accomplished. In order to afford another strong name, Inter must part with Joao Mario, Matthias Vesino and Roberto Gallidini.

In recent times, rumors have emerged that Sporting (Lisboa) wants to bring back the Portuguese national Joao Mario, who sold to Inter for 45m euros in the summer of 2016. After the turmoil in the Portuguese club, the Sporting leadership was determined to calm down fans of the team with a high-level transfer. The problem with the transaction may be the high salary of Mario of 4 million euros. Inter, for its part, will seek about EUR 30 million for its player and the money from a possible deal will be invested in the Arturo Vidal transfer.