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Panama is tightening for the first World Cup victory

After two heavy losses and eight goals, the Panama World Cup debutants tightened for a first victory against Tunisia in their last G-group meeting. The Tunisians, like the Central American team, have already dropped out.

Panama fell 0: 3 from Belgium and 1: 6 from England on Sunday in Nizhny Novgorod.

But defenseman Felipe Balloi, who scored an honorary strike against the English, hopes for a first victory, the first three points in the debut of the World Cup finals.
“We have studied the team of Tunisia, which is a tough rival, but they are also our ability to record a first victory, a historic victory,” Baloy told reporters on the basis of the team today.

The 37-year-old is extremely motivated as he ends up participating in the national team after the end of the World Cup. He also believes that the team’s participation is very useful for the experience and the young.

“Yes, we are dropping out, but I believe that this is a good step in the development of the national team.” We have to stay for the next tournaments, as a team, we have a good spirit, we are a battleship, there are young players who have to stay and play lead the team further, said the defender who plays in neighboring Guatemala for the Munizipal team (Guatemala City).