Griezmann: The decision is taken

Atletico striker Madrid and France, Antoine Griezmann, gave a press conference from the “cocks” camp, and many specialists waited for clarity on their professional decision. “I know there’s a lot of anticipation, but today is not the day to talk about my future,” said the shooter in an attempt to squeeze the next season’s questions.
“The decision is taken, but it’s not the time or the place to talk,” he said, suggesting he might be in Barcelona. “It’s hard to make such a decision, and for three months I’ve been trying to do it now, I’m calm and focused on the upcoming World Cup,” the golfer said.
“My goal now is to become a champion with France, it is not important in what way and with what kind of play. I believe in the forces of the team, in the important moments we will protect everyone. We can hurt anyone in an attack, “he admitted.